Matt Damon: It’s Potty Time!

Matt Damon is taking exercise seriously since packing on the pounds for his starring role in The Informant.

First the actor took part in a triathlon in Miami back in October. And yesterday, the 38-year-old actor—who’s banging himself into shape for another installment of his hugely successful Bourne series—took part in the 68-mile Cape Argus bike ride in South Africa. Damon, who was joined by brother Kyle and former rugby captain Francois Pienaar, was among some 35,000 cyclists attempting the challenge.

Of course, not even Hollywood mega-stars are immune from the call of nature, and at one point Damon ducked into a port-a-potty. Hopefully the bathroom break didn’t significantly affect his finishing time.

No worries, Matt; no matter how long it took you to compete the bike trek, you’re still number one. Clearly.

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