Mischa Barton Not Kooky Over Luke Pritchard Anymore

Blame on the distance, blame it on love or blame it on the fact that February is over.

But Mischa Barton is no longer going out with Luke Pritchard of the band the Kooks.

“I broke up with Luke,” Mischa writes on her blog. “Things just didn’t feel quite right.”

“There is no bitterness between us.”

Mischa announced the two were a couple in February, but admitted she was “taking it slow.” At the time, she was also batting down reports of an alleged love-triangle between her, Luke and club promotor Tom Wright. 

If blogposts are the official time-guides, Mischa and Luke didn’t quite make over even a short month. Whatever happened with Luke, Mischa won’t really say. 

“The bad just started to outweigh the good and a long distance relationship is never an easy thing to do,” she writes. “There was no cheating or anything terrible.”

“I don’t regret our time together, I just couldn’t keep it going.”

And then comes the blog version of a kick in the gut. Luke, if you’re reading, please look away and write music or something. 

“I think Luke’s a great guy but the type better suited as a friend,” Mischa writes to the sounds of the male universe groaning at the “friend” line.