Prince Harry: Back on the Love Train?

It sounds like Prince Harry is rebounding nicely from his break-up with his long-time girlfriend, Chelsy Day.

News of the World reports that Harry, 24, has been spending a lot of quality time with 27-year-old Astrid Harbord, a student and friend of his brother William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton.

Witnesses say that Harry and Harbord were clubbing in Chelsea until three o’clock Saturday morning, after which he took his new pal home to his Clarence House residence. The merry couple, accompanied by Scotland Yard bodyguards, slipped into the rear entrance, which is reserved for members of the royal family.

According to one source, the two “were all over each other” during their clubbing spree: “There was certainly a connection there and they seemed to be having a great time.”

Harry split up with Davy, whom he had dated for five years, in late January. Recently, Davy invited Harry on a pub crawl in a seeming effort to rekindle their relationship.

This weekend isn’t the first time that Harry and Harbord—whose father, Charles Harbord, publishes the weekly newsletter Cars for the Connoisseur—have been spotted together. Back in December, as Harry and Davy’s relationship was disintegrating, the two were spotted hanging out together at a party held at Kensington Roof Gardens.

Photo Source: Wireimage/Getty Images