Rihanna and Chris Brown are Recording Again

Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t letting a little alleged assault get in the way of their careers.

Both 21-year-old Rihanna and Brown, 19, are laying down fresh tracks in the recording studio, despite the distraction they’ve experienced since February 8, when Brown allegedly beat Rihanna during an argument in his Lamborghini.

Grammy-award winning producer Adonis tells HipHollywood.com that Rihanna is recording with him, and that the new material ranks among the “Disturbia” singer’s best work yet.

“She always brings her best whenever she steps onto the stage or the studio,” the producer reveals. “This is definitely going to be an eclipse of what she’s done before. It’s going to be hot.”

Artistic breakthroughs aside, Adonis ads that the logistics of the sessions have been complicated by the recent controversy surrounding the star. The producer says that the songbird has been using the back door and “sending fake cars with nobody in them” in order to shake the paparazzi.

Also in the studio: Rihanna’s boyfriend/alleged abuser, Chris Brown. E! Online reports that he’s been logging late-night session in Glenwood Place studios in Burbank, California. It was also reported that Brown was spending time in the studio while holing up at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ compound near Miami, where he and Rihanna reconciled late last month.

See, now this is the way to resolve disputes—peacefully, on the album charts.

Tell us in the comments section: Whose new music are you more excited to hear—Rihanna’s. or Chris Brown’s?