Suri Cruise: Unleashed in the Far East!

In what could turn out to be the most exciting arrival in Tokyo since Godzilla faced off against Mothra, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes touched down at Narita International Airport at the Japanese capital yesterday.

The trio, who arrived via private jet, are sandwiching in a family vacation prior to the March 11 Tokyo premiere of Cruise’s Hitler-battling epic Valkyrie.

While Tom and Katie flashed 1,000-watt smiles, Suri—who turns three years old on April  18—wasn’t her usual enthusiastic self. Hey, an 18-hour flight takes a lot out of a kid.

But while Suri fell prey to jet lag, the Japanese public was more than excited to greet her and her parents. The Daily Mail reports that the family was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans at the airport, many of whom gave Suri stuffed animals, including a plush elephant.

“Their daughter is super cute—her name is a bit funny but she is beautiful,” noted one onlooker.

Interestingly, while the moniker Suri derives from the Hebrew word for “princess” and also means “red rose” in Persian, in Japanese it has a slightly less charming interpretation: “pickpocket.”

Seems kind of unfair, really; the only thing Suri has stolen so far in Japan is the hearts of an adoring public.

Check out video of TomKat and Suri’s triumphant arrival in Tokyo below: