Chris Brown’s Mystery Text Woman: His Manager

TMZ reports that the text message believed to have set off the alleged physical altercation between Chris Brown, 19, and Rihanna, 20, was sent by Brown’s manager, Tina Davis.

The text that Davis is said to have written to Brown, detailing a plan to meet later, is believed to be a major factor in the argument that he and Rihanna had on February 8.

The discovery of the message was said to have caused her to allegedly strike Brown and for him to strike her back with much greater force, resulting in charges of felony assault and criminal threats.

A detective’s affidavit stated that the text message in question was “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

In other Brown news, E! reports that he will still be a contender for a 2009 Kids Choice Award, despite having allegedly beaten his girlfriend.

“The kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category,” Nickelodeon said in a statement Tuesday.

Brown is up for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song in the tween-centered awards show.

A group called Twittermoms has gathered over 3,000 signatures calling for Brown and Rihanna to be barred from the show, which will air on March 28.

“We are appalled [sic] that Chris Brown and Rhianna [sic] are still listed as a nominees on the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards show. Brown’s name should have been removed from contention the moment the charges were filed,” the petition reads.

It also explains why Rihanna is also on the receiving end of a potential boycott.

“Making things worse is that his victim, Rhianna [sic], also a nominee, refused a no-contact order and plans to continue the relationship in spite of a violent attack by Brown. Had she made the rational decision to accept the no-contact order and end the relationship, she would not be named in this petition!”

Brown’s arraignment on charges of felony assault and criminal threats is set for April 6.