Kristen Stewart Wants to Sing in Joan Jett Flick

Kristen Stewart Wants to Sing in Joan Jett Flick-photo

Rejoice; Kristen Stewart wants to use her voice for something other than annoying Twilight fans!

The gal who plays Bella Swan sat down with Parade Magazine to discuss her upcoming role in The Runaways, in which she'll play rocker Joan Jett (and which may feature New Moon co-star Dakota Fanning as Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie).

"Right now I'm just listening to Joan's music all the time. I spent New Year's with her," Stewart reveals. "She's so cool, one of the nicest, most soulful women I've ever met. And so many people love and admire her. It's an immense responsibility to play a real person, one of the most intimidating things that I've ever had to confront. Her story is an incredibly triumphant, feminist story."

Even more exciting, Stewart hopes to actually sing Jett's songs in the movie, which will begin filming in the eight-week break between New Moon and Eclipse shoots. That is, if the producers give her the go-ahead.

"I don't want to speak out of place," Stewart notes. "I really hope to be able to actually perform the music, but I just don't know yet."

Maybe Stewart should consult her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson for pointers. Not only does the guy know how to bring it hard on karaoke night, but the club gigs he's performed under his Spunk Ransom alias are the stuff of legend.



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  • kuiop

    i like her and her voise but not her short hair.

  • mammalamma

    she was great in into the wild. i cant wait

  • KbLaster

    i would love to hear kristen sing the songs herself!! she got that whole rocker chick vibe in her.. she plays the guitar really good.. heard her in Into The Wild.. SHE ROCKS!!!!

  • cam01cam

    Well the Runaways just paved the way for all female bands that is all. I guess you could say they are the legend that female bands aspired to follow. Kristen is an amazing actress and I'm sure the role of Bella in Twilight has paved the way for more challenging characters like Joan Jett. The Go Gos vs the Runaways?? You've got to be kidding. Study music history for female bands from the 70s until now. You'll change your mind. Anyway, the Runaways with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning will hopefully get recognition and respect from the Hollywood PTB.

  • Sera

    I don't know why they are making a movie about Joan Jett and the Runaways. Were they ever really that cool? They should make a movie about The Go-go's. Well, Kristen has the attitude down. I'd rather see Rob make a movie about Karaoke than this stuff.

  • helen

    I want Rob to play Jeff Buckely

  • abi

    Pattinson should star in a film musical

  • hilary

    Pattinson has an amazing voice. Far rather listen to him and see him in a musical than her. She bores me.