Malin Akerman’s ‘Watchmen’ Costume Smelled ‘Like a Condom’

Apparently, Watchmen character Silk Spectre II’s powers include a super sense of smell.

Or, at least, her costume is super-smelly.

Malin Akerman, the 30-year-old, Swedish-born actress who portrays the heroine in the new Watchmen film adaptation, complains to Maxim magazine that her skintight rubber costume gave off a very objectionable—and very specific—aroma.

“I thought it was really f*cking hot (at first),” Akerman says of the yellow-and-black number. “Then I tried it on, and I thought it was really f*cking uncomfortable. And the smell? When you take it off, it smells like a human condom.”


Also, huh? Human condom? Is there some other type of condom that Akerman is familiar with?

Never mind; we don’t want to know…