Noel Gallagher: Jade Goody Story Is ‘Embarrassing’ to Britain

Count Noel Gallagher as one person who isn’t hanging on to every detail of the Jade Goody story.

The Oasis frontman tells the Times that the media attention devoted to Goody—a reality-TV star who’s undergoing a very public battle with cancer—is “embarrassing” to England.

“I was watching the TV today and they’re all outside her house,” Gallagher offers. “There’s a global crisis apparently going on, and it’s, ‘[British justice secretary] Jack Straw, could you have a look at this?’ [Goody spokesperson] Max Clifford somehow manages to shape the mood of the nation.”

Which isn’t to say that the 41-year-old rocker, who has a proven track record of making incendiary statements, is completely unsympathetic toward former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Goody.

“I mean, I’ve got f*ck all against Jade Goody, that’s nothing to do with me,” Gallagher insists. “But it bends my head. That, to me, sums up, in one tiny five-minute thing on the news, what an embarrassing place Britain is right now. You might as well shut No 10 Downing Street down and get Max Clifford to run the country.”

That doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea. And it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for Gallagher to see a doctor himself to get his foot surgically removed from his mouth.