Taylor Swift Gets 'Crazier' for Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift Gets 'Crazier' for Miley Cyrus-photo

Hannah Montana: The Movie opens on April 10, and if anyone thought that Taylor Swift wasn't going to get in on that action, they were sorely mistaken.  The 19-year-old country-music songbird—who, like Cyrus, has dated a Jonas brother (Joe for Taylor, Nick for Miley)—has contributed a song to the movie's soundtrack. The song, titled crazier, is an uplifting ditty about finding inspiration in the example of others. Sample lyrics:

"I watched from a distance as you made life your own/
Every sky was your own kind of blue/
And I wanted to know how that would feel/
And you made it so real/
You showed me something that I couldn't see/
You opened my eyes and you made me believe"

This isn't the first time that Cyrus and Swift have pooled their energies for the sake of music—the two dueted at this year's Grammy Awards. Listen to the song below:

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  • arnel

    taylor...........wow 8s amzing.........

  • Kayla

    I looooove this song, Taylor never dissapoints with her songs. No offence but I don't think Miley would be too good on the song.

  • petunia

    u loooove it and "noooooo" yeah you got problems go see a therapist.

  • talameo

    i looove taylor swift. another GREAT song from her

  • nooooooo

    great lyrics but if miley sang it it would be soooooooooooo much better no offence to taylor's fans but thers something in her voice heart my ears!! but i love some of her songs! and i wana kill her when she talks about her broken herat bla bla bla leave joe alone and move on he's better than u and he still awesome! go date a cowboy!!! lol sorry i got a little over! any way goood song taylor and i'm not a heater! just saying what i think!

  • yaya

    the song was awesome..go taylor!