Taylor to RPattz Fans: 'Don't Hate On Me!'

Taylor to RPattz Fans: 'Don't Hate On Me!'-photo

Taylor Lautner is pleadng with Robert Pattinson fans—don't take it personally.

Lautner called in to internet radio show StarTalk from the Vancouver, B.C. set of New Moon, where he pleaded with overzealous Rpattz followers to give him a break when the Twilight sequel hits.

The movie, which Lautner says will closely follow Stephanie Meyer's novel, is packed with animosity between Taylor's character Jacob Black and Rob's Edward Cullen. And it's got the 17-year-old hunk nervous for the fan reaction.

"Yeah, I guess I'm a little nervous," Lautner admitted, yet he is "thankful for the fans and even those Edward/Robert Pattinson fans, don't hate on me too much, I love you guys."

Nice preemptive strike, Tay. But he's also got some love for RPattz.

"He deserves [the attention]," Lautner said of Pattinson, "he did an amazing job at portraying Edward."

As for the next chapter of the vampire franchise, Taylor has indeed succeeded in gaining his weight goal of 30 lbs of hunkness and is spending his days chasing Kristen Stewart.

"In New Moon, Jacob and Bella's [Stewart's character] relationship goes to the next level...he's always pushing it along and taking it to the next level," Lautner said.

However he wouldn't say whether or not he and Stewart were going to share an onscreen smooch in New Moon. "I"m not going to tell you if we do," he said.

You tell us, fans: Would you hate on Lautner for sparring on screen with RPattz?



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  • sophiewolfe

    Why is everyone so against Jacob Black?! I mean he's probably one of the most genuine characters in the saga. I personally love Jacob & Taylor. Taylor was clearly meant to play this role and he has portrayed Jacob perfectly. So you shouldn't hate Jacob or Taylor. He's also one of the main characters in Breaking Dawn.

  • twilightobsessed


  • misha4itwaskewl

    I'm actually glad he's getting more screen time because he hardly got anytime in twilight. You Tay haters to need to put your frackin foot in your mouth. It's not like he steals Bella away Edward and Bella still wind up together So calm your spirits damn.

  • mitch828

    i hope too they will stick to the book. Jacob is part of the book and as well as in the movie. it will never be a new moon if Jacob will be caut out. Edward will definitely be at the start or the film and befroe the end part of the film because that's what it was written and for me, edward returning at the end part is the most amazing portion in the book. Well, because edward is back as so as their love story. It won't be very much exciting without a conflict, you know...give taylor a break and let him do his job..we'll judge his acting ability after we see the new moon..ok guys?edward will still be a very much part of the movie and we'll be seeing him still...love him so much though!!!

  • spokane

    What the hell is up with you people? Not that TL is exactly a spectacular actor himself, but last time I checked, Robert Pattinson (aka Mr. I-don't-know-how-to-look-intense-so-I'll-just-keep-bulging-my-eyes-like-a-psycho') SUCKED in Twilight. He's got no real acting skills whatsoever. Oh right, it's not like talent really matters with all the drooling fangirls. They're just in for his oh-so smexy ass and ridiculously sculpted eyebrows. "I HATE TAYLOR DD: HE PLAYS JACOB AND JACOB IS A JERK!!!!11 HE TRIES TO BREAK EDWARD & BELLA UP!!!!!!!!!1111" Stop hating on a guy just because he plays a character you don't like. You're like a bunch of five-year-olds, only with less intellectual capacity.

  • fanpiretwihard

    i guess that if they put more Rob then they wont be staying true to the book... im not saying thats a good thing though. i hated reading new moon. team edward

  • jeska

    seriously! taylor worked really hard to do jacob justice in the film, and gained like 20 pounds of muscle for the part, I don't think he's going to disappoint the fans. I hope they stick to the book because if they put rob in too much, it will ruin the point of the movie, new moon shows how jacob and bella develop a more than friends relationship.

  • missyninz

    hey.. give HIM a break. after all, it's NEW MOON! not twilight. and jacob's supposed to have his fair share of exposure, so if all ya have anything against taylor's screen time, then go yell at stephenie.. and yeah, the point of the movie is to desperately miss edward, and god i hope that they really REALLY stick to the book this time.. new moon would be pointless if it was all a ROBpatz show. not that he's not a good edward cullen..

  • brattanay3211979

    If you are a fan of the book you have to understand that his character becomes a major part of the second book. From the things I've been told, Pattinson got a pay raise of $2million to $10million and he is only in 2 scenes this film and he's happy about it. People can't hate on Taylor for the script he's written. Just hope he does a good job. Its Kristen Stewart who can't act anyways. i agree with this !!! Kristen SUX @ actin !!! weel @ least in this movie !!! she blinked & shook her head WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY 2 much !!! & i am happy that sum1 actually agreez wit me !!!

  • brattanay3211979

    god !!! u guyz are so mean !!! seriously why are u guyz hatin on him ?!? hez a good actor,hes hot,& he takez showerz daily unlike Robert !!! so whatever !!! i ♥ Taylor !!! he is a very talented boy !!! & Robert doesn't really care bout this movie & the otherz but Taylor does !!! He worked hard 4 this role & he defiantly deservez it more than any1 !!! & i couldn't see any1 else as Jacob !!! so all the ahterz shut up !!! PLZ !!!

  • Nelli

    I think we should give the kid a break! Its not his fault he got cast for the role. Me being on TEAM EDWARD still think that the Twilight series wouldnt be the same without Jacob. We all know how it ends so why hate Taylor for a PART he plays?

  • emma

    That c*cky boy Lautner is seriously irritating. I like Jacob i cant stand edward.

  • babigrl

    whoa, cillax guys! its not his fault! get real already there both drop dead sexy anyway!

  • Hayden Anne
    Hayden Anne

    People should stop hating on Taylor. He is nit'c*cky'as someone suggested, and yes he does have ambition, but why would you consider that a bad thing, it only meanshe is givin his heart to this role. He put on weight for God's sake to play the role of Jacob Black, so stop hating him. And if you guys are real Twilight fans, you would not hate him, he is giving all he's got for the role. so leave him alone

  • Justine

    i think that us real twilight fans love edward and jacob both just cuz ppl watched the movie and deside to hate on taylor is dumb if you havent read all the books b 4 the movie even came out then sorry you aint real fans! Team Edward & Team Jacob!

  • Patrícia

    aaf, pq as fãs do Taylor tbm gostam do Rob e a do Rob não gostam de Taylor, cara puro preconceito isso. Eu gosto do Taylor muuito mesmo e acho que as meninas odiarem ele é muito nada a ver.

  • Bebe

    I think that rpattz is great but people need to get over hating Taylor it's just a movie

  • tilleyca

    WHY WOULD WE HATE ON HIM!?!? He's playing a fictional character. This is how the story goes. People who hate on him for fighting Rob/Edward are losing sight of what is real and what freaking isn't.

  • ana

    People if you read the friggen saga of the books you'll understand everything, Rob Pattinson is a GREAT actor, Taylor Lautner will have to give him a shot we'll see more of him in these upcoming film so we CAN JUDGE, and Kristen she's the one who doesn't know how to act!.. and remember if you read the book you know that TAYLOR'S character DOESN'T get bella, it's that your whole consern GROW UP!

  • cg

    We need to remember that this part of the story revolves more around Bella and Jacob's characters. So it is only right that the movie should follow the book as much as possible. We all know that Bella's heart belongs to Edward and in the end, they stay together. All I can say is leave Taylor to the little girls and Rpattz to the women!!!

  • victoria

    okay personallyy, i think that taylor lautner is absolutely positively amazing and will do a GREAT job in new moon. i am not saying that r.pattz didn't do good, but im saying that taylors not going to do bad either. i agree, kristen is the only one who really has NO CLUE what she is doing.

  • Samantha

    Most of you are saying they had better not cut Robert Pattinsons screen time...... If you had actually read the book you will have noticed that Edward is scarcely in it, therefore Rob Pattinson's screentime will be significantly shorter then that of Taylor Lautners. I like both actors equally as they bring their own style to the film. And when thoughs say that they cannot act...... well I say I'd like to see you try

  • Shell

    Taylor will be great he looks the part and has worked really hard give him a chance, Robert will not be in it much this movie(as per the book), im not a crazy Robert fan so dont mind at all he is a great actor but im looking forward to seeing Taylor too

  • iluvrob

    Aww poor kid, I agree with him. His character is part of what makes Twilight so great. I love Jacob Black, not as much as Edward but his character is funny and cute. I just hope he does Jacob justice in the film. Good luck Taylor.

  • Audrina

    I agree with Adriana! You guys really nees to stop hating on Taylor! he is an amazing actor and hes way better than Rob! and he actually does have a personality and hes definatly not annoying i dont know where you got that i dea from white. all of the people that hate Taylor should"nt and you dont even know him or Rob so you can't judge.

  • Dora

    Taylor makes a great Jacob and since New Moon is about his relationship with Bella, he deserves his time in the spotlight. I'm sure Rob would welcome the chance to step back for a minute until Eclipse comes out and let Taylor have his turn. And although I am a full fledged member of Team Edward I don't want the book changed just to give Rob more screen time and as all the actors say the same I'm sure it will be as close to the book as they can make it.

  • jane

    The second book is ALL about Jacob so why would anyone expect to see more Edward in the movie then is in the book? I hated Jacob in book 2 (but it turns out to be my foav book!!) but its the book and Taylor will do a great job!! Team Edward fans need to relax and let Taylor have his spot as one of the main characters.

  • shelby

    Give him a chance for crying out loud! He doesn't have much acting experience and for all you know it could be his break out movie just like Twilight was for Rob and Kristen. And if you're talking about bad acting, in my opinion Kristen didn't do great in twilight, but she's still a great actress when she is in her niche. I believe he will do just fine. Good Luck Taylor! And don't worry, you have just as many fans, I'm sure!

  • Kat

    I hope they stick to the book. There are more Team Jacobs now than before - even though we still are a fraction of the Tea,m Edwards - but if they change the book just to give Rob more screen time, it's gonna hurt the franchise. A lot of Team Edwards even agree that the point is to MISS Edward. Putting him in for more screen time will ruin it.

  • Hayl

    If you are a fan of the book you have to understand that his character becomes a major part of the second book. From the things I've been told, Pattinson got a pay raise of $2million to $10million and he is only in 2 scenes this film and he's happy about it. People can't hate on Taylor for the script he's written. Just hope he does a good job. Its Kristen Stewart who can't act anyways.

  • white

    One of the most annoying kids that are on the market right now. Zero personality.

  • jess

    I think that everyone needs to realize this is a movie I think Rob is super talented and his nonchalance makes him absolutely sexy but you need to quit hating on Taylor he is part of the movie an important part of the movie at that so I just dont understand do you think you are not a fan if you enjoy both actors

  • adriana

    everyone needs to stop hating on taylor! he's such a talented actor and totally deserves the part of jacob black! i can't imagine anyone else playing him. i love you taylor!

  • sky

    That c*cky boy Lautner is seriously irritating.

  • john

    Pattinson is the draw for this franchise so if they cut his screen time for Lautner it wont do so well at the box office. Summit would be mad to stick to the book.

  • nonfan

    I hope Lautner doesnt have too much screen time. Its Pattinson we want to see.

  • abi

    Lautner cant act. They shoudl have picked someone else

  • ruth

    I might be sick. The kid is so annoying. His OTT ambition is distasteful. Pattinson has charisma and screen presence and this kid just doesnt.