Taylor to RPattz Fans: ‘Don’t Hate On Me!’

Taylor Lautner is pleadng with Robert Pattinson fans—don’t take it personally.

Lautner called in to internet radio show StarTalk from the Vancouver, B.C. set of New Moon, where he pleaded with overzealous Rpattz followers to give him a break when the Twilight sequel hits.

The movie, which Lautner says will closely follow Stephanie Meyer’s novel, is packed with animosity between Taylor’s character Jacob Black and Rob’s Edward Cullen. And it’s got the 17-year-old hunk nervous for the fan reaction.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a little nervous,” Lautner admitted, yet he is “thankful for the fans and even those Edward/Robert Pattinson fans, don’t hate on me too much, I love you guys.”

Nice preemptive strike, Tay. But he’s also got some love for RPattz.

“He deserves [the attention],” Lautner said of Pattinson, “he did an amazing job at portraying Edward.”

As for the next chapter of the vampire franchise, Taylor has indeed succeeded in gaining his weight goal of 30 lbs of hunkness and is spending his days chasing Kristen Stewart.

“In New Moon, Jacob and Bella’s [Stewart’s character] relationship goes to the next level…he’s always pushing it along and taking it to the next level,” Lautner said.

However he wouldn’t say whether or not he and Stewart were going to share an onscreen smooch in New Moon. “I”m not going to tell you if we do,” he said.

You tell us, fans: Would you hate on Lautner for sparring on screen with RPattz?