VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Loses It Over Samantha

Lindsay Lohan is screaming mad at Samantha Ronson.

What began as a romantic surprise in Las Vegas turned into a fit last night for 22-year-old Lohan, who drove from Los Angeles to Sin City to join girlfriend Sam on a gig at nightspot Prive.

Some kind of rift occurred, as Ronson departed around 3 a.m. sans Lilo. Once the actress realized she was on her own, she began screaming obscenities and barking for her car at the Planet Hollywood Hotel valet.

Lindsay demanded her “f**king keys,” and yelled rhetorically, “”I cant believe that f*cking b*tch left me!.”

According to X17, Ronson, booked for DJ stint at Club Prive, was reportedly furious when Lohan showed up unannounced.

“Lindsay requested four dozen roses and went to Sam’s room and sprinkled rose petals all over the place. You’d think Sam would be thrilled to see her girlfriend,” X17 reports. citing a photog on the scene.

After the initial greeting, “the two started to argue and hide in the DJ booth and while she was in the booth, Lindsay ducked down, popped up a few seconds later, and began dancing wildly.”

Clearly Sam didn’t take too kindly to the display, as she left without her lady. A cameraman asked Sam if she played Lohan’s songs in her sets and she replied, “often.”

Lohan followed soon after, frantically looking for Samantha.

“Did she leave? In her car?” Lohan screamed, her voice cracking (see the video above!).

The outlet also indicates that Lohan carried a drink with her straight to the car park, eventually having to hand it to a lingering security guard.