Bridget Marquardt: Beach Gig Requires Small Outfits, Big Suitcases

Okay, former Playboy mansion dweller hosting a show on the world’s best beaches. You’re probably imagining a very small travel suitcase. Carry-on for sure.

This is not the case Bridget Marquardt, who debuts Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches tomorrow on the Travel Channel, insists.

“We need tons and tons of wardrobe for the job,” she laments to Celebuzz. “It’s just that the wardrobe isn’t very big. It’s lots of bikinis, lots of sundresses, shorts.”

While lugging the suitcases is a task, the show’s premise is simple. Go to beautiful beach area, wear small outfits and check out the local beaches.

“I haven’t had the chance to travel so much in my life,” Bridget insists. “So I’m the perfect person to experience it and ask all the questions someone else who has not gone on the adventure would do.”

The promotion of the show has been intense, including covering the 10-story building which houses Celebuzz with an advertisement featuring Bridget’s ample assets (neglecting her head).

A quick pop quiz out of the eight beach regions she has visited thus far.

Prettiest beach area: “Turks and Caicos. They have the prettiest water and softest white sand.”

Best adventure beaches: “As far as having fun stuff to do, I’d say Jamaica and Australia.”

Best unexpected beaches. “Croatia.”

Best place to meet the beautiful: “There were a lot of hot people in Australia.”

Perhaps the biggest romantic let-down for Bridget would have to be Hawaii. She brought boyfriend Nick Carpenter for that ride. He came down with the flu.

“He was sick the entire time,” Bridget moans. “He never really made it out of the room much. But we’re hoping he joins us in Costa Rica.”