Jessica Alba Goes Native in Paris

It’s not quite springtime in Paris yet, but Jessica Alba is definitely getting into the spirit of things during her Parisian jaunt.

The 27-year-old actress, in the City of Lights for Fashion Week, is definitely embracing the local customs.

Turtleneck? Yep. Beret-like chapeau? Uh-huh. Cruising around town on one a bike provided by the Velib rental system? Oui, oui! And wheeee!!!

Alba even went to the delicatessen on a macaron run before dropping by the Jeu de Paume museum near Les Tuileries. The only way she could have been more French is if she performed a mime routine in the park. While simultaneously juggling baguettes.

Enjoy your trip, Jessica! But not so much that you decide to permanently relocate. We just couldn’t bear to say au revoir to you forever. 

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