Orlando Bloom: Off the Streets, Onto the Sidewalk

Orlando Bloom: Off the Streets, Onto the Sidewalk-photo

Orlando Bloom and his crotch rocket boosted up onto the London sidewalks of Kings Road while out for a ride yesterday. Screw traffic, he's a star!

Bloom, who is best known for his role in Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean, also eschewed wearing a motorcycle helmet, which could be detrimental to his delicate features. Then again, he wouldn't want to mess up his meticulously messy coif with a case of helmet-hair

Bloom might still be feeling the effects of his recent role as a rock god in the upcoming film Sympathy for Delicious.

Tattoos, motorcycles, disregard for London's traffic laws—check, check, check.

This might also be a bike he picked up on a recent motorcyle shopping trip he took with fellow actor Eric Bana in Sydney, Australia.

He's missing one thing, though (besides a helmet).

Shouldn't his gorgeous girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, be on the back?



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