Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Are a Totally Beachin' Couple

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Are a Totally Beachin' Couple-photo

Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt frolicked about on the beach in Maui yesterday.

Hilton, normally one to flaunt what she's got, was in a demure mood and covered up her bikini bottom with a short sarong. (Check it out with our ZOOM feature in the gallery!)

Reinhardt is best-known for his short stint as a potential love interest for Lauren Conrad on The Hills. He is the ex of Hairspray star Amanda Bynes, and the three of them seem to run into each other quite a bit on the Los Angeles party circuit.

Check out our gallery of the two lovebirds enjoying some vacay!



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  • bawwow

    god they deserve each other

  • janice513233

    Paris and Doug look great together, hay you never ever know they just may be the perfect match, they sure look good together, I am also happy to see people find love, I do hope they both have....

  • scotkacapel

    Bouncing blonde, candy sweet lady with a vicious nip. I've always wonder if you give as much attention to your legacy as do your partnership?? It must be hard being in the mind that you must marry in your ranks, but I wonder if there is a new completion to you, maybe someone you wouldnt normally consider? You do know that royalty and ranks have been so scattered amonst the earth, so you never know where you might find one. It makes it kind of fun when you find that they have been on such wild wind chase of life, bringing a different part of integrity back to the game. Goodluck princess.

  • regans

    Serious question: Why the f*$# is she wearing a fancy necklace and carrying a clutch in these photos? For reals.