Robert Pattinson: Girl Troubles

Add another bruised heart to the list in the wake of Robert Pattinson’s recent Los Angeles trip.

Pattinson had an exchange with an angry young woman while leaving the Bar in Hollywood March 2, Us Magazine reports.

The woman confronted him and demanded to know why he hadn’t called her back. Pattinson’s reply, according to Us: “Give me a break will you? I didn’t have the time. I was only here for four days.”

She then said, “You found the time to call everyone else back. I guess I wasn’t important enough.” Ooh, don’t open that door!!

In recent trips to L.A., Pattinson has kept himself busy. There were reports that the Twilight stud met up with Megan Fox at Palihouse in Los Angeles on March 3 and again on March 4

Celebuzz reported him hanging out with pals at the Coach and Horses bar (where he left a waitress a stuttering mess) and then engaging in intense conversation with a midriff-baring brunette at the Sunset Tower bar. Other media outlets had him flirting with Natalie Portman at an Oscars party. Depending on who you believe, either Pattinson was trying to avoid Paris Hilton like the plague or the ladykiller was all over the heiress (we know what report we believe on that one).

Good thing he’s off to Vancouver so that the women of L.A. are safe!