Twin Mary-Kate Olsen Doesn’t Want To Look Like Anyone Else

Canada’s Fashion magazine unwittingly made Mary-Kate Olsen seem a little…confused…by plunking her on their cover with the heading of “I Can’t Stand Looking Like Everybody Else” under her name.

That whole having-a-twin-sister thing must really irk her then, huh?

Of course, M-K was most likely  referring to her outré fashion sense. The former Full House star and currently mega-millionaire mogul has become known for accentuating her stick-thin figure in voluminous sweaters, tattered leggings and staggeringly high platform heels. (And don’t forget gigantic shades for when she goes out for a nonfat Americano at Starbucks.)

But if she did mean she doesn’t want to look like her sis Ashley Olsen, then she can probably afford to have a team of plastic surgeons give her an entirely new face. As long as she doesn’t go overboard with the overhaul. Which can happen sometimes.