Zac Efron Goes Down Under With Taylor Swift

High School Musical dreamboat Zac Efron attended the Sydney, Australia, premiere of his new flick 17 Again yesterday, sweaty locks and all.

Efron and former Friends-ter Matthew Perry star in the flick, which falls into a time-honored cinematic tradition—the Freaky Friday-switching-ages-and-bodies movie.

In this case, Perry de-ages into his 17-year-old self (Efron) to go back and experience high school again. Kind of like Big in reverse. Or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with more laughs.

The film also stars Gossip Girl villainess Michelle Trachtenberg as Perry (and Efron’s, weird) daughter, whom he befriends when he goes back to school, and Judd Apatow regular Leslie Mann as the beleaguered wife.

Fearless songbird Taylor Swift was a special guest on the Australian red carpet, and photographers went berserk photographing she and Efron embracing and chatting when they met up, according to ET Online.

For those keeping score, Swift would be the second blonde that Efron has been spotted with since arriving Down Under. Hmmm. Keep your eyes peeled, Vanessa.