Britney Spears' 'Circus' Show: Kid-Friendly After All

Britney Spears' 'Circus' Show: Kid-Friendly After All-photo

Fear not, child-safety advocates; despite recent heated claims to the contrary, Britney Spears' stage show is safe for kids' consumption.

Well, at least her kids.

Us Magazine reports that Sean Preston and Jayden James were shielded from the bawdier moments during the March 3 debut of the Circus tour in New Orleans.

An eyewitness reports that Sean and Jayden, 3 and 2 years old respectively, did indeed cheer on their mom from a private suite with their family when the show began.

"The group was telling the boys, 'There's Mommy! Clap for Mommy!'" the source reports.

But when it came to the raunchier segments of the performance—the tassles, the writhing, the simulated sex, the fondling of half-naked dancers—the tots were ushered away from the scene by their grandmother, Lynne Spears.

Whew; that's a relief! Hopefully Lynne was around to whisk the kids away when Spears experienced her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at her Tampa show on Sunday.



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  • Kil

    Yeah, I'd love to see either of my parents dressed in practically nothing gyrating on stage. That is so healthy! For all kids, duh!

  • heartsandwings

    I dont find any harm in her children watching thier mother perform on stage, anyone would love to have thier children there with them. I think people judge too much, its not like they dont know what the kids can see and what is not. the world is too hard on britney shes awesome give her a break for once!

  • aubreyfan

    Why beat around “bush?” Here’s a movie that gets straight to the point: sex. Aubrey O’Day’s film debut, to boot. “American High School”

  • noah

    But when it came to the raunchier segments of the performance [Britney's kids] were ushered away from the scene Pff, they were just going out to have a cigarette break.


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