Drew Barrymore Eclipsed, But Dines Happily

Drew Barrymore is not letting the fact that she has been passed over for the Eclipse director’s job get her down.

While sources close to the Twilight sequel confirm to Celebuzz that Barrymore is out of the running for the director’s job, she happily dined last night at the Tower Bar in Los Angeles’ Sunset Towers hotel. She had a chummy meeting with movie business executives, including one suit from Warner Bros.

“She was radiant, hugging everyone as she entered,” a fellow diner tells Celebuzz. “She greeted the maitre d’ as if he was a family member. Her hair was pulled up and she was all smiles. She owned the place.”

Barrymore was quite the breath of fresh air in the posh dining establishment. “She was wearing casual pants and had a very colorful handbag that was very bohemian, very hippie.”

On the other end of the dress spectrum, Sharon Stone, dining nearby with her parents, was “a statuesque figure with high heels that could kill with their razor-sharpness,” says our diner. “She was all made up with her hair pulled back.”

As for who will direct the third movie in the Twilight saga, Variety notes that Juan Antonio Bayona, director of the Spanish-language horror film The Orphanage, is the most likely choice, with Barrymore now out of the running.