FIRST LOOK: The Smokin' Set of 'New Moon'!

FIRST LOOK: The Smokin' Set of 'New Moon'!-photo

As if gifts weren't bountiful enough with the advent of the Robert Pattinson GQ magazine cover, the first photos from the set of New Moon have surfaced via Spoiler TV.

And all of your (obsessively, painstakingly) favorite players are the Vancouver set.

Rpattz is back, pale makeup and school boy gear in check. Kristen Stewart is once again sorting soft, earthy locks and gossamer separates, while Taylor Lautner is looking every bit the beefy Jacob Black (plus the weave is back!).

Rounded out with vampy Nikki Reed and patriarch Peter Facinelli, the cast looks smoking.

And speaking of which, half of them are literally lighting up on the sound stage.

Despite the bad habits, photos from the Twilight sequel location are one addiction we're certianly not giving up. Check back with Celebuzz for more!



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  • doc33

    taylor lautner you are one great hunk of man or should I say wolf! you have a beautiful personality, a great body and don't smoke!

  • danybr

    WHAT EVER! let them smoke, so? That only means that they are going to die first. no big deal.

  • Kad

    ya most of them smoke but you try doing everything they do and see how stressed you get. Then tell us if theres a healthy way to relieve all the stress

  • ktcullen123

    damn he is sooo hot!!

  • superfan

    The only one who smokes is Robert.........

  • Josefine

    Leve them alone so they smoke OKAY , olmost every peapole you see on the street smoke . Yes they are rolemodels but let them have their one life !!

  • lowhitak

    Okay, Twilight cast members, the smoking has got to go! Nothing is less sexy! Rob, you are totally ruining it for me and how could you have GQ photograph you with a cig - this is bad press! All of these smoking pics make the cast look like a group of juvenile teenagers - all too scared to not go with the smoking crowd. Disgusting!

  • mrsnaomicullen

    Why is Kristen Stewart SMOKING! I'm shocked, again!

  • mrsnaomicullen

    Why is Robert Pattinson SMOKING? I'm shocked!

  • Carol

    There aren't photos of kristen and robert together

  • taz

    rob looks like he has on too much blusher...and looking way too skinny these days. and give the boy a d*mn jacket already. kristen is the only one who looks normal and like herself. love her. what's up with the full costumes & makeup? thought that they were only doing test shoots and rehearsals right now. are they actually filming.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I don't think Kristen Stewart was smoking regular cigarettes. Girl's hooked on the reefer.

  • grace

    omg, why is robert pattinson SO HOT?! btw, has anyone checked yet? They are giving away two tickets to attend a celebrity party for their site launch!! Anybody know more about it?

  • cg


  • cg


  • Dany

    the all look Hot smoking !!!! the only one non-smoking is taylor. I can't wait for new moon !!!!! :) love R-pattz and K-stew