FIRST LOOK: The Smokin’ Set of ‘New Moon’!

As if gifts weren’t bountiful enough with the advent of the Robert Pattinson GQ magazine cover, the first photos from the set of New Moon have surfaced via Spoiler TV.

And all of your (obsessively, painstakingly) favorite players are the Vancouver set.

Rpattz is back, pale makeup and school boy gear in check. Kristen Stewart is once again sorting soft, earthy locks and gossamer separates, while Taylor Lautner is looking every bit the beefy Jacob Black (plus the weave is back!).

Rounded out with vampy Nikki Reed and patriarch Peter Facinelli, the cast looks smoking.

And speaking of which, half of them are literally lighting up on the sound stage.

Despite the bad habits, photos from the Twilight sequel location are one addiction we’re certianly not giving up. Check back with Celebuzz for more!