Hef & Kendra Help Bridget Debut ‘Beaches’

Even though she’s moved out of the mansion, it’s like she’s still Next Door with her former man and fellow bunny.

Bridget Marquardt celebrated the premiere of Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on Tuesday night, a Travel Channel original program that sees the blonde beach-hopping around the world. 

Joining her on the red carpet at her old digs (the Playboy Mansion) was velvet-clad icon Hugh Hefner and bride-to-be Kendra Wilkinson.

Bridget’s current beau Nick Carpenter turned up as well, with Bridget’s little black pooch.

While she insists marriage talks are nowhere near on the horizon, Marquardt feels confident knowing Hef approves of her guy.

“Hef actually told one his friends…’You know, Bridget’s got herself a nice guy.’ So I think that’s really cute,” Marquardt said.

While it’s probably wise she pace herself in the dating department, we clearly can’t get enough of her.