Jade Goody Goes Home

Jade Goody, the Big Brother star who is in the final stages of her battle with cervical cancer, has been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery to relieve pain, People magazine reports.

Sources report Goody is frail, and enduring failing eyesight.

Her publicist says that Goody left the hospital to be with “all those close to her,” including her sons, Bobby, 5 and Freddy, 4.

Goody was seen wrapped in a red blanket and accompanied by her husband Jack Tweedy as she left Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

The celebrity, who was assailed by a hammer-wielding woman in the hospital while recuperating, reportedly has only a few weeks to live.

“The whole point is that she wants to spend as much time as she can with Jack and the boys,” her publicist Max Clifford said. “If they can train up the local nurses, they will keep her pain free by topping up the epidural.”