Joaquin Phoenix Will Beat You

Joaquin Phoenix, the talented actor turned Andy Kaufman-esque “hip-hop performer”, brought his rap “act” to the trendy Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami last night and got into a physical altercation with a fan.

In the video below, watch how Phoenix verbally duels with a man in the audience from the stage and then leaps into the crowd to try and pummel the naysayer.

Check the video below.

Phoenix first indicates his rival by noting (bleeps aside) that “we have a bitch in the audience.”

When the heckler doesn’t immediately cease and desist, Joaquin (looking like a Rat Pack makeover on the Unabomber didn’t take) notes that he has a “million dollars” in the bank, and asks how the gentleman’s own finances are.

That’s some boastful and petty rich guy talk, but is it all part of the act?

Phoenix then ends the convo by leaping off the stage to dole out a beating, but was hauled off the man by security guards, show over.

Actual reality, or was this just a construct for brother-in-law Casey Affleck’s cameras?