No engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston

No engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston-photo

Jeweler to the stars Lorraine Schwartz's representatives deny a recent story in Britain's Daily Mirror that she had taken a request to design an enagement ring for John Mayer to give to Jennifer Aniston.

A source had reported that Mayer had commissioned Schwartz to create a vintage-style classic ring with an 18-carat diamond.

"Money is no object to John," the source said.

However, representatives for Schwartz denied the story to Us Magazine.

The denial of the engagement-ring story comes on the heels of new rumors that Aniston and Mayer have once again parted ways.

Oddly, Aniston recently told the press, "Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? I don't have one and I don't think it exists."

Perhaps presciently, the Marley & Me actress added, "Whoever said that every relationship has to last forever? That's hoping for too much."

The news outlet she offered these thoughts to? The Daily Mail—you know, the ones who floated the engagement-ring story in the first place.

Maybe they should peruse their own paper ore carefully. They could have saved themselves a lot of embarrassment if they had read between the lines.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor girl's gonna have to go back to listening to the old answering-machine message tapes with Brad Pitt's voice on them.

  • syl c.
    syl c.

    John Mayer is not going to give Jennifer Anniston an engagement ring. She is not his type maybe for publicity but more for pity as he feels as sorry for her as everyone else does after Brad Pitt dumped her for Angelina Jolie. John has a good heart and is a very intelligent artist who does not have the same view as life as Jennifer Anniston he is not a superficial person who incessantly talks about tanning or yoga. He hangs with artistic and intelligent people who are more of a New York scene and is esp. enamored of a certain young lady who is extremely intelligent and an artist in her own right, but doesn't give him the time of day. You know John he is usually the one who dumps these dumb blonde bimbos and then they continue to stalk him after he's said bye, bye. But as far as Jennifer Anniston goes he only felt sorry for her, it was nothing more than that. Maybe Jennifer Anniston should try to act her age 40 and become more mature and find someone that can put up with her childish ways. Hey, too bad Courtney Cox is married she's be perfect for Jennifer Anniston, the enternal whiner.