VIDEO: Jonas Brothers Get the 'South Park' Treatment

VIDEO: Jonas Brothers Get the 'South Park' Treatment-photo

The Jonas Brothers' latest cinematic effort, 3-D Concert Experience, may have failed to burn up the multi-plexes, but they seem to be a hit in animated form.

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas were the guests of dishonor on last night's episode of South Park, titled "The Ring." In South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's vision of the JoBros story, the boys decide that they no longer want to wear their purity rings.

Unfortunately, their choice doesn't sit well with their mouse-eared taskmaster, with hilarious results.

Check out a video from last night's show, featuring the Jonas Brothers in concert, below:

Tell us what you think in the comments section: Did South Park do the Jonas Brothers justice?



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  • annabannana56

    I love South Park!!! :)

  • Biah

    ñ gostei nadinha disso! o Joe ficou tão estrenhoo! ee elle ee muitoo lindoo! rsrs!

  • Júlia

    haha *-* Nick Ficou Lindo *-*

  • claudia

    amo muito Jonas brothers é minha banda preferida!! I love Jonas brothers is my favorite band!!

  • Debby Ryan
    Debby Ryan

    the jonas brothers are a bunch of ridiculous chennal I work at Disney and they are completely ridiculous! I work in the suite life on deck and they are Nogent! throw up one for them and who speaks here is Debby Ryan

  • isabel

    i love the jonas brothers

  • noah

    The Mr. Slave cameo at the 1:30 mark is perfect.