Celebuzz Spotlight: Did Audrina’s Robbers Know the Star?

As if an Oscar night invasion wasn’t enough, it turns out the thieves who broke into Audrina Patridge’s house might have some familiarity with the reality television star.

“She thinks it’s someone she knows,” Patridge ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby told Celebuzz Wednesday night at Star Magazine’s Young Hollywood party in Los Angeles. 

No arrests have been made in the February 22 robbery, even after Patridge placed security camera video on her website in an effort to identify the apparent thieves.  The video shows a young male and female in the house, sometimes happily prancing about, making only moderate attempts to protect their identity.

A source tells Celebuzz the robbers might have some sort of connection with Audrina, but it’s not direct. “They had some familiarity with the house, you can see that on the video. They even knew to knock on the door. And looking at the tape it’s clear these were not seasoned criminals.”

“But Audrina’s watched the security tapes over and over. Her friends and family have watched the tapes. She just cannot i.d. them.”


The break-in had an immediate impact on Audrina. A source tell Celebuzz that the star called on her father who came “immediately” following the robbery and stayed with her afterwards as she was “rightfully freaked out” following the violation.

She immediately put on a brave face and has not addressed the theft.

Missing from the house is everything

from her personal computer, emotionally valuable jewelry and Louis Vuitton luggage. The items seemed to be taken in a very low-key, relaxed manner based on the video.

“Audrina didn’t even know she had been robbed when she got back from her Oscar party,” another source tells Celebuzz. “It was only when she noticed that some things were missing. Then she was like, ‘Wait a minute here.'”

In addition to the luggage and personal heirlooms, several exclusive pairs of jeans from Divine Rights Denim (for which Audrina is the face) were taken. Among them are the Macbeth wash, a pair that hasn’t even gone into production for consumers and features sexy tears from the inner thigh down the leg.

“I’ve been able to recreate some of them for her right away,” Divine Rights’ Angel Shoshan tells Celebuzz.

Still the lost property has not been replaced and robbers have not been found. “She’s still really bummed out. It’s really violating,” says Justin Bobby. “They have the video, she’s talking to the cops, but in general it sucks.”