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  • venusknocking

    Not good enough to be a bond girl. Sorry Freida! You are correct. Not up to acting or looks standards.

  • hena

    i think she would be really perfect for this role.she would really match it and shes a great actress:D

  • james

    overrated! And her body stinks to high heaven.

  • Lester

    Freida Pinto is Oscar quality. I do not believe she belongs in third rate spy films.Bonds come and go and so do his gals. Freida I think has a lot more going for her. She is going to take Hollywood by storm. The Indians have arrived with their world class looks and brains and onscreen savvy!! Wow! is right! Fabulous Freida!


    She has Beauty and Brains and Sex appeal. I do not know if Bond can handle her! Maybe too hot for Bond to handle

  • dundies

    “You know what's so believable about this story? It's that the next logical step for an actress who just starred in an Oscar-winning film is to be a Bond Girl and join the ranks of Denise Richards. ----------------- LOL

  • Johnny

    Not good enough to be a bond girl. Sorry Freida!