Howard K. Stern Arrested, Accused of Giving Anna Nicole Smith Drugs

Howard K. Stern Arrested, Accused of Giving Anna Nicole Smith Drugs-photo

Howard K. Stern, the deceased Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and a constant presence in her tumultuous life, has been arrested for allegedly furnishing her with the illegal prescription drugs that killed.

People reports that Stern, who once claimed to be the father of Smith's daughter Danielynn, was arrested in Whitier, CA and charged with conspiring to give drugs to Smith before her death two years ago.

Two doctors, Sandeep Kapoor, 40, and Khristine Eroshevich, 61, were also charged with felonies - having allegedly provided Smith with illegally prescribed medications.

Prosecutors claims that Stern and the doctors conspired to provide Anna with drugs between June 2004 and January 2007, and were also charged with "prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict."

Anna died of an overdose in February of 2007 at age 39.

Howard K. Stern is said to be out on $20,000 bail.

The lawyer co-starred with Smith on her E! reality show.



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  • Beth

    Your correct, to say Anna never had a chance with so many people like Howard and the other doctors giving her medication and mixing so many drugs to Anna, to have her become stable again. Your body can only handle so many toxins until there is nothing left of you. I hope that they keep the trial going until Anna gets final justice from Howard and others who enabled her addiction and took her life.

  • Concerned

    Has anyone seen the E Documentry with Anna Nicole Smith? I do feel it is very sad, that someone could love someone so much and let them waste away... Think About IT?? If you truly loved someone and cared for them, would you let them get trapped into drugs and enable their addiction by giving them more drugs or would you seek professional medical help for them, through a Rehab facility or hospital to cure them?' I do feel that Howard played a great part in not helping Anna by not helping control her addiction by giving her even more drugs which she was not even aware of and taking her away from her friends and family so they could not watch over her...Until she lost control of herself and did what she was told to do and not think about the outcome... I hope they finnally give Anna some justice and peace to her by finding out the truth...

  • douglas

    the scriptures say the Lord sits in the heavens and laughs at those who mock him. these ppl mock god and think they will get away with it. He laughs. they get caught. case closed.

  • kiki

    and i wonder if it will come out that he also gave daniel the drugs that killed him (a threat to the marshall millions) four days after danielynn was born...

  • noodlemonkey

    I'm with the others who believe he deserves whatever he gets. He exploited Anna, he exploits Dannielynn, he exploits the legal system. He's human garbage.

  • belicoso

    While it may be legal to prescribe medication, they are referred to as "controlled substances" for a reason....that being, they are to be regulated because they are dangerous. It is certainly irresponsible and illegal to prescribe such medications to people for reasons other than their personal use or to prescribe them to people under false names which was exactly the case here. At best there was a misrepresentation by both the doctor and Howard as to the use of the medications and at worst it was a conspiracy which had as its purpose the drugging of a grown woman in order to keep her under Howard's thumb. I'm sure he had thoughts that he would somehow keep her under control and collect a princely sum from the Marshall estate...but to his chagrin now he has to stave off his own incarceration and the ridiculous claim to the Marshall estate is in its most desperate hour.

  • chel

    I have to agree with Mark. Also, I do believe Howard Stern did not want to kill her, so . . . .

  • Mark Montgomery
    Mark Montgomery

    I think it's ridiculous to prosecte Howard Stern and the 2 doctors. When is the government going to get its nose out of our business? It is legal to prescribe those drugs and that's all the doctors did. Mark Montgomery