Isla and Sacha: No Table, No Drama!

While his fashionista alter-ego Bruno would have thrown a fit waiting around for a table, real life movie star Sacha Baron Cohen had no problem cooling his heels at the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel last night.

Sacha made a last minute visit to the hotel restaurant last night with lady love Isla Fisher at a time when there was just no room at the inn.

“Sacha went to the maitre-d’ and asked if there was something he could do,” a fellow diner tells Celebuzz. “There was a lot of scanning the room, paper shuffling, some shoulder-shrugging, but no tables.”

“Everyone was really apologetic, but it was peak time and there was no place to put them.”

Not a problem. Sacha and Isla sat in the cocktail area across from the hostess desk and decided to have their meal there.

The two were very casual, Isla looking “gorgeous” with little fuss about her, hair pulled over one shoulder, a fake-fur jacket, jeans and Uggs. Sacha had a couple days’ facial growth and thick glasses hidden behind a black baseball cap.

He settled into an arm chair across from Isla’s small couch to have a small, relaxed meal with white wine. “They did some respective BlackBerry reading, but mostly they were talking quietly.”

“When the maitre-d’ came over to apologize again, they were pretty gracious. They left with big smiles.”

Their departure was followed by the arrival of Jack Nicholson, who had made his reservation. “All eyes were on Jack,” says the diner.

It seems Nicholson still has the charm as restaurant patrons found a reason to walk by his table in the center of the room. “Jack was gracious to everyone. But he was especially attentive to the handful of attractive females who stopped by. One heel-wearing beauty even brought him out of his seat for a handshake, eye contact and that smile.”

After an animated meal with a male pal, Nicholson made his way out with a polite, “Hi” to every table that checked out his departure.