Jamie Kennedy & Jennifer Love Hewitt Are "More Than in Love"

Jamie Kennedy & Jennifer Love Hewitt Are

We told you so! Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt are indeed an item, the actor confirmed this morning on Ryan Seacrest's KISS FM radio show.

"Yes, we are dating," Kennedy told Seacrest, "we're more than dating, we're more than in love."

The "intense" relationship sparked on the set of their CBS show Ghost Whisperer in late January, on the heels of 30-year-old Hewitt's split from actor Ross McCall.

"Here's somebody that breathes life into you in a new way and makes you fuller, and that's what she does to me."

On top of breathing life into Hewitt, he apparently wants to take some out as well, ala Twilight.

"She's my Bella. I want to bite her neck."



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  • ronald33

    I agree,it's a publicity stunt. It's no coincidence that Jamie Kennedy is also with the acress' TV show. When JLH had her only other major breakup (9 years ago) a similar guy named Patrick Wilson dated her for a while. That ended. Both Wilson & Kennedy did projects involving NUDE scenes. Wilson did "The Full Monty" and Kennedy did "Finding Bliss". But,"Ghost Whisperer" is a family-oriented show. If a cast member did a nude scene in an outside project,that is a conflict!

  • itsmemarke

    this has got to be some sort of publicity stunt, i mean right? who in their right mind, seriously now, would even consider dating that washed up loser? jamie kennedy could do so much better