Kate Moss: The Model of Sobriety?

Kate Moss’ struggle with moderation are a matter of public record.

And judging from her very public display at Beth Ditto’s performance in Paris last night, the struggle continues.

The 35-year-old model watched full-figured belter Ditto perform at Paris’ VIP Room Theater, following the Fendi fashion show at Fashion Week.

Moss was accompanied by Fendi family scion Leonetta Fendi; her boyfriend, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince; and, seemingly, no small number of drinks.

Back in November, news broke that Moss had promised to cut back on her booze intake for the sake of her relationship with Hince.

But in February it was reported that the supermodel had knocked back “beer after beer” during a Roberto Cavalli photo-shoot.

And the twiggish clotheshorse is probably still feeling the effects of her 35th birthday blowout earlier this year, which lasted for three raging days.

Moss wasn’t the only one in elevated spirits at the Beth Ditto concert. At one point, an anonymous blonde woman grabbed Kate by the arm and seemed poised to take a bite out of her.

But to be fair, she might have just been trying to get a contact buzz.

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