Lily Allen Lashes Out

Photographers were reminded to be wary of Lily Allen today, when she reportedly went berserk and attacked a group of paparazzi in London.

A furious Allen was trying to leave her home when a photographer was said to have been pushed into her car during the rush to snap Lily.

“The Fear” singer wasn’t having this, and unleashed a verbal tirade on the assembled paps.

Allen left, and when she was faced with more paparazzi when she arrived at a recording studio a short time later, she seemed to have lost it.

The singer hurled a water bottle at one of the shutterbugs, and then turned her attention on to a different gentleman.

Allen is said to have begun punching and kicking the man until her security guard pulled her off.

This isn’t Allen’s first time using a photographer as a punching bag. She was arrested two years ago for kicking a photographer.