Rihanna: Healing Through Karaoke?

Embattled vocalist Rihanna was out in public again last night, this time at actor Wilmer Valderrama’s weekly karaoke night at Los Angeles’ Geisha House.

According to E!, Rihanna entered through a back door at 11:30 p.m. with a retinue of girlfriends. The “Rehab” singer and her pals occupied a corner booth and enjoyed the warbling of would-be singing sensations. Rihanna didn’t participate; a witness reports that “she was not dancing but was really friendly, and smiling.”

A security guard accompanied the singer, who is working on a duet with boyfriend Chris Brown, despite the recent storminess of their relationship. (Brown is facing charges of assault and criminal threats for allegedly beating Rihanna on February 8, but has been granted a continuance until April.)

Rihanna and crew enjoyed champagne that actor Valderrama sent over, and toasted the gracious host/former That ’70s Show star. Witnesses said that Rihanna only sampled a little bit of the bubbly,  and that the singer and friends exited Geisha House at two in the morning.