Transformers Throws Wrench Into Kendra’s Wedding Plans

We know in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, that Decepticons forces return to Earth to kick humanity’s butt.

But will the movie also wreak havoc on Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson’s wedding?

This is the question Celebuzz has been fretting about since speaking to Transformer-maniac Baskett about his June 27 nuptials.

One little detail he hadn’t thought of when choosing that blissful wedding weekend—it’s opening weekend for his beloved franchise. Transformer week coincides with Kendra wedding week.

“We were talking and I noticed Transformers 2 comes out before our wedding,” Baskett laments. ” I was like, ‘Oh jeez, do we have to choose the rehearsal dinner on that night. I have to go see Transformers.'”

“I’m one of the biggest Transformer fans there is. Kendra hates it. But I have the shirts, I have every toy. When I was a kid I said, “Man if I ever get rich I am going to buy every Transformer there is.'”

Not surprisingly, this discussion had a predictably sad ending.

“I guess I’ll have to wait until after our honeymoon to see Transformers,” Baskett laments.

Oh Optimus Prime, help us!