VIDEO: Justin Gaston Lends Miley Cyrus a Hand

VIDEO: Justin Gaston Lends Miley Cyrus a Hand-photo

Miley Cyrus has played coy about her relationship with Justin Gaston in the past. At times, she's rather disingenuously characterized the 20-year-old underwear model as a "family friend."

But the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star appears to be opening up about her intentions with the hunky skivvies-shiller.

Last night the two enjoyed a date at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, and weren't shy about displaying their affection for each other.

The two even held hands as they exited their car and headed into the restaurant.

Which either means they're ready to admit that they're boyfriend and girlfriend, or Justin doesn't think Miley's old enough to walk in the road by herself yet.

Nice to see young love blossom so openly. But Miley might want to back off on the hand-holding. After all, we've all seen where Justin's hands have been.

Check out video of Miley and Justin arriving at Mr. Chow, courtesy of, below:



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  • rizza

    wow the paparazzi is harsh, they just wanna have dinner you know...

  • romina

    i love miley but the boy Friend miley he's very bad (maybe)Warden Sight miley it's very Chief

  • cjlove

    there should be a rule...'NEVER BE SEEN WITH A DATE WHO IS BETTER LOOKING THEN YOU" just because he loks good in under-wear it"s o.k to be that young AND squeaky clean image he is kind of out of her range now but then most girls like her are so much more mature for her age !right???next week it will be another dude any way!!!