Violet Affleck: Ballerina Spy!

Looks like Jennfier Garner and Ben Affleck have quite the versatile tot on their hands. Little Violet is expressing interest in everything from classical ballet to espianage.

Yesterday in sunny Santa Monica, Ca. Garner took her now eldest daughter to school, clad in a pale pink tutu and kicks, looking every bit the ballerina.

Zoom in, however, Garner was sizing up a book that lil’ V took into class with her: Lousie Fitzhugh’s Harriet the Spy.

Later on, Pappa Ben came and scooped the little one from her peers, back to family time with new Affleck addition Seraphina Rose.

Seraphina has been keeping busy herself, hitting the set with her mom for reshoots on Garner’s Ricky Gervais co-starrer Invention of Lying.




Source: Fame Pictures/Flynet