Without Sleep, Beyoncé Still Gorgeous on ‘Vogue’

Although she’s not catching enough Z’s, Beyoncé Knowles still looks flawless on the cover of May’s Vogue.

On the heels of First Lady Michelle Obama’s cover splash, Beyoncé follows with the Shape issue, and there’s no one better than the curvy singer, hard at work on her upcoming tour.

“It’s crunch time! I’ve been rehearsing and trying to make sure I put my set list together. Right now I’m anxious and I can’t sleep — I’ll be wanting to be at rehearsal,” she tells Entertainment Weekly.

The “I Am Tour” boasts world dates and a nearly year-long rollout, amazing costumes and all, including the mechanical hand from the “Single Ladies” video!

“I have it on the tour. It’s actually even more wild—I have to figure out how I’m going to perform with that hand!”

we belive—no, we know—you’ll work it out, B.