Desperately-Seeking Footwear: Teri Hatcher Out Barefoot

Desperately-Seeking Footwear: Teri Hatcher Out Barefoot-photo

Someone forgot to wear shoes. Or thongs.

Housewives star Teri Hatcher seemed almost desperate to leave the nail salon where she got her pedicure on Friday. She was seen walking barefoot through a parking lot in Studio City, Calif. with an un-indentified heavyset woman.

Supposedly the actress went wine shopping and stopped to get her feet done on her way home. Maybe she cracked open a bottle before pampering her peds...



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  • Male40

    Good GOD - Terri H should be out shopping for a cheeseburger, not a pedicure; she looks WAY to thin. Is she sick?

  • Angie

    The "heavyset" woman is walking next to a woman who is way, way thin. This would make the average, everyday woman look obese.

  • Totally Shocked
    Totally Shocked

    OMG...Terri walking bare foot!!! Stop the presses!!!! Of course she must have downed a bottle of wine before getting her piggys done! Barefoot!!! whoever heard of such a thing. Really glad to see you guys are out there..ever vigilant looking out for the public welfare!

  • ciera

    To the writer of this article and to whoever approved it: You are a very rude and disgusting. There was no need to add that the person the actress was walking with was heavy. Sometimes you guys have no respect for anyone,how sick!