‘New Moon’ Cast’s Bloody Good Bonding Session

True to character, vampire cast members (and their human counterparts) from New Moon headed out in Vancouver Thursday night to sink their teeth into big cuts of meat.

The likes of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart met for dinner at Gotham Steakhouse in the British Columbia town.

Moon producers pre-arranged the dinner of 25 guests, no doubt to foster relaxed bonding with the group of overnight-sensations.

And speaking of their instant fame, restaurant General Manager Christopher Langridge tells Celebuzz it hasn’t spoiled the young stars.

“They were a pleasant bunch, very courteous,” says Langridge. “It was just a nice social gathering. They enjoyed steak, a few cocktails, maybe some shooters.”

They did, however, require private seating, as photographers hounded both the front and rear entrances.