Katy Perry: Busting Out In Vegas

It seems like pants are getting a bad reputation in Hollywood lately.

New pictures of Katy Perry filming the music video for her latest single, “Waking Up In Vegas,” show the sultry singer showing off her assets in a tight, unbuttoned polka dot shirt, complete with a red bra and colorful, sequined hot pants.

Shots from the video, filmed in the Valet at the Palms Resort and the Sky Villa in the Fantasy Tower, depict a scantily clad Katy smooching a—gasp!—man, all while stuck in a glass money booth.

Her love interest is played by actor Joel David Moore, who has a reputation for playing “nerdy” men in his cameo appearances. One of his most famous smooches was with Paris Hilton in the razzie-award-winning The Hottie and The Nottie.

Well, it looks like someone got lucky in Vegas!

Take a look at all the pictures in our huge, super sexy gallery from the music video set.

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