LiLo’s Friends Bring Her AA Bible

More drama unfolds during this weekend’s fun-filled Lindsay Lohan watch!

Let’s replay some key events. Friday night LiLo partied at the Chateau and then headed over to Jack Nicholson’s compound, causing quite the stir. The Freaky Friday starlet called it a night, er, rather morning when she left at 4:30 am to bunk at Sam Ronson’s. The lovebirds remained secluded inside Sam’s place all day yesterday. Neighbors called cops after hearing a window smash. The boys in blue arrived but the pair never answered the door. 

Later, a trio of gal pals came by to bring groceries for the couple. But here’s the kicker — they weren’t just feeding the waifs. One actually came with reading material. And not just any book, either. A brunette buddy approached Chez Ronson armed with the blue Alcoholics Anonymous bible. It seems food was just a decoy…they came to console the troubled actress. 

Time is ticking away until Lindsay’s court hearing on Monday for her arrest warrant in connection to her DUI case. Will she make another stint in rehab? Stay tuned for the next episode of The Days of Our Lohan.