Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston Do Lunch

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston Do Lunch-photo

Miley Cyrus and her inappropriately older beau Justin Gaston do lunch -- again -- this time in Burbank.  The teen queen's mom and a friend joined the duo.

But her poor puppy had to spend his Saturday looking out from inside a bag. Are dogs even allowed in restaurants unless they're trained to assist a patron with a health issue? 

Check out the huge, obnoxious-colored Prada tote she's carrying. That must have cost a pretty penny!



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  • nikki

    Dear miley, I am a big fan of u!!!!!!!!!!! I love your new book. it is the best book ever. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from nikki

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    It's too bad that her parents don't care about her physocological well-being; it isn't too bad for them though, because if they do something she doesn't like they won't be able to make any money! Another thing that seems a little tragic is how these people can't just accept the responsibilities of real parents, so they let their child get involved in relationships that are damaging to her mental state (unless this boy is extremely immature, or in the unlikely scenario that she is excessively mature) for their own materialistic desires. In 5 years, she will be either irrelevant, an undereducated nothing, or a substance abuser. Thank you, Cyrus parents, for allowing your child to take on the life-long role of presenting herself as the paragon of disgrace. I guess I'm just fueling the fire by reading about this mentally poor individual.

  • noah

    Amazing = 7 letters
    Awesome = 7 letters
    Kickass = 7 letters
    Miley Cyrus = 10 letters

    Miley Cyrus > Adjectives

  • jessie


  • violetstars

    yeh i always wondered why people kept their little dogs with him all the time.

  • sbaran

    Didn't know that stuff about little doggies digging confinement...yeah maybe the writer is jealous of that pricey purse.

  • billy bob thornton
    billy bob thornton

    obviously you "care", uh billy ray, in all matters of seriousness that family is a little weird, this became evident after the father daughter photo shoot. It's the parents ultimately who decide whether to press charges in the end, if it comes to that, let them worry about it.

  • Ryan

    I found out from Billy Ray Cyrus' myspace that Mileys on his new album!? Is she going to start singing country or what? umgd

  • billyray

    who gives a fruc

  • calendargirl

    I don't understand your problem. They're having lunch, her mom joins them, she can afford an expensive purse, she's happy. Jealous? BTW, as a chihuahua owner, I know little dogs love to be confined, close to their owner. Makes them feel safe. She obviously loves Sophie.