Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Joaquin Phoenix To Get Some Street Cred

Gwyneth Paltrow filmed Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix before he decided to allegedly chuck acting for a career in hip-hop.

Phoenix has grown a scraggly beard, permanently attached some sunglasses to his face, and is currently staging performances of his new material complete with doling out beatings to hecklers.

Goop-y actress Paltrow was recently asked what she thought about Joaquin’s conversion from serious actor to bedraggled-looking rapper by MTV UK. She isn’t buying it.

“I think that there might be some other explanation or something going on. I’m not quite sure what, but I can’t believe that he’s really going to quit forever to become a rapper. It seems odd,” she said.

Paltrow is one of many who believe that Phoenix’s career switch-up (which is being documented on camera by brother-in-law Casey Affleck) is a Kaufman-esque hoax.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I’m quitting acting to become a rapper,” she laughed. “So, I’m going to write “good-bye” across my knuckles and everything. Do you have a pen?,” she joked.

And if he is actually going to be rapping full time (like her close friend Jay-Z), Gwynie has some advice for him.

“Hmm … maybe to go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity, maybe.”