Jade Goody In Final Stages of Cancer

People magazine reports that Jade Goody is in the final days of her battle with cervical cancer, and only able to spend a few hours at a time with her two young sons. According to the magazine, the dying reality star is on heavy painkillers administered by her at-home nurses.

“She is unconscious a lot of the time, almost in a coma-like state,” her publicist Max Clifford says. “She’s heavily sedated, so she comes round for maybe a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds and she goes again. She seems to be aware that [her husband] Jack Tweed and [her mother] Jackie are here.” 

Goody’s home in Essex has been full of family and friends visiting to say their goodbyes and holding vigil for the 27-year-old former Big Brother contestant.

Jade has reportedly been too sick to spend much time with sons Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4, but “saw the boys for a few hours on Wednesday,” according to Clifford.

A priest was also said to have visited with Goody yesterday.

“It’s just a matter of when,” Clifford added.

Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer while filming Bigg Boss, India’s version of Big Brother, in August of last year. The cancer has since spread to other parts of her body.