Jessica Simpson Puts on an Unmemorable Performance

Hey, you know that Jessica Simspon song “Remember That”?

Well maybe you should sing a few bars of it to her, because she seems to be having a little trouble with it.

Simpson closed out her tour with country act Rascal Flatts on Saturday in Irvine, California, and ended her road stint with a bungle. Actually, two bungles.

The 28-year-old singer/actress, clad in her Daisy Dukes, began her reign of error by botching the words to her domestic-abuse song, “Remember That.”

After realizing her mistake, Simpson stopped the song and launched into a do-over.

“Oops! I said whiskey too early! I messed up!” Simpson told the audience. “I’m so embarrassed! But I’m starting over again because I really want you guys to hear the lyrics the right way.”

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the final flub during Simpson’s set. She also mangled the opening line to “Still Don’t Stop Me.” “I messed up again!” Simpson admitted, blushing and running her fingers in her hair. “I do this all the time!”

Indeed, Simpson flubs lyrics so often that it almost seems to be part of her shtick.

In February she botched the lyrics to one of her songs during a concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before running off stage in tears.

September saw the singer screw up her tune “With You” while performing live on national television for Good Morning America.

And in August she forgot the words to “Remember That”—one of the tunes she blew during Saturday’s performance.

Hmm. Jessica Simpson can’t remember a song of hers titled “Remember That.” There’s a word for that, isn’t there?