Kendra Wilkinson Can't Find a Playboy-Friendly Minister

Kendra Wilkinson Can't Find a Playboy-Friendly Minister-photo

One big problem for Kendra's Playboy Mansion wedding: finding a man of the cloth to come to the land of no clothes.

The former Girls Next Door star tells Celebuzz exclusively that she's working overtime to find the right minister willing to oversee her June 27 wedding to football star Hank Baskett.

"I'm getting stressed since I'm trying to find a minister to perform the ceremony at the Playboy Mansion," she says. "It might be the most stressful detail."

Indeed, it makes picking the invitation paper seem pretty small. 

Kendra was coming off the heel of a minister-rejection when she spoke to us. We suggested having Hugh Hefner become a recognized marriage officiant for the wedding, but Kendra seems intent on the traditional route. And apparently ministers do not enter the single greatest temple of decadence easily.

"We're trying our hardest," Kendra says. "But it is the Playboy Mansion."

Naturally, having a wedding at the Mansion has its obvious perks: the stunning setting, the live animals, the grotto and the presence of Hef. But sometimes such perks have to be tempered.

Kendra tells us she has Hank's groomsmen in town taking a Get-Used-To-The-Mansion tour which will include meeting Hef.

"We want to get the ooh and ahhs over with before the wedding," says Kendra. "So they are not starstruck during the ceremony."

"We don't want them to be like, here's comes the bride, but look at the Playboy mansion."



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  • ddavenport

    I'd be willing to do it for a cool mill. Just write out the check and send it to me.

  • Rev. Linda
    Rev. Linda

    Kendra, I'm a full-time, ordained, interfaith wedding minister who helps couples create beautiful wedding ceremonies that are personal, joyful and memorable. If you and Hank love each other and what you want to do is in good taste, I'd be willing to assist.

  • noah

    Hey! I'm a legally ordained Reverend (sadly, this is the truth). I'll do it exchange for a 2-minute motor-boat session with Kendra's twin-peaks. Deal?

  • sin

    I remember Jesse James became a legal minister during Monster Garage. Why not have him and Sandra Bullock do it?

  • neenee

    wish her all the luck!

  • beez

    Bring on Hugh!! Get him a collar