Robert Pattinson: ‘GQ’ Outtakes, No Sex in NYC

The saints over at GQ just keep on giving. Behold, Robert Pattinson photo shoot outtakes!

And while there are never-before seen shots, today comes wind of a never-before-heard grievance the hunky actor has.

While his world-wide promotional appearances induce havoc and hysteria of the female variety, Rpattz swears he can’t get lucky in New York City.

“I can’t get laid [in N.Y.C.]” Pattinson was overheard complaining to a pal recently at Manhattan’s Rosebar, reports the New York Daily News.

The pal is said to have bawlked at the hearthrob saying, “A blind person with a British accent could get tail.”

Cue a brunette to approach Pattison instantly after this exchange, to which he responded by promptly stuffing his beer in his jacket pocket and dashing from the bar.

Work harder, ladies of New York. Vampires like the thrill of the chase.