Guy Ritchie Had an Elle of a Time Last Night

Well played, Guy Ritchie, well played.

Not content to let his ex-wife, Madonna, corner the market on model-dating, 40-year-old director Ritchie was spotted last night having dinner with Australian former supermodel Elle Macpherson at Notting Hill Brassiere in West London.

The helmsman and the clotheshorse apparently had a grand old time while chowing down; the two spent two hours at the eatery before parting ways at 12:30 in the morning.

Ritchie—most recently linked to heiress Jemima Khan in late December—and Macpherson, 44, took care to leave the restaurant separately so as not to be caught together by the shutterbugs.

Somehow, Ritchie managed not to race to the nearest rooftop to shout word of his good fortune loud enough for all of London to hear. See, now that’s class.